The Extra Cookie (kevswitchau) wrote in lucianlives,
The Extra Cookie

Lucian's tattoo (x-posted)

Hi all,

Does anyone have a picture (or sketch) of Lucian's tattoo that Kraven supposedly removed from Lucian (we see it in the first movie)- I'd love a pencil sketch if anyone has one?
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You know, that is a real point: he was brand-less in Rise of the Lycans, yet we are told it was cut from his arm...? Something IMDB noticed:

It's Viktor's logo- find any image of Viktor in armour or any of the draperies inRotL, the insignia on his coffin, incorportaing his 'V' with a sort of spikey celtic design.

Lets' see if I can... - it's sort of the logo in the background.

Hope this helps!
I really hope you're not going to get branded! And who'd want Viktor's mark tattooed on?! Rather have a wolf, howling at the moon.. :-D
*LOL* no... no branding for moi!!!
I do have a nice werewolf tattoo planned once I have some spare cash tho...