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Lucian Lives!

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(Lucian lives!)

On the Radio! [22 Mar 2009|10:46pm]

Our favourite Lycan:

24 Mar 2009, 22:30 on BBC Radio 2
Journalist and celebrity interviewer Chrissy Iley talks to British stage and film star Michael Sheen about his career, football and the films which have influenced him.


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A Lucian Picspam [28 Feb 2009|03:46pm]


{A picspam from Underworld & Underworld: Rise of the Lycans}

( HERE @ my LJ )

// x-posted

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Lucian's tattoo (x-posted) [23 Feb 2009|10:42pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi all,

Does anyone have a picture (or sketch) of Lucian's tattoo that Kraven supposedly removed from Lucian (we see it in the first movie)- I'd love a pencil sketch if anyone has one?

(Lucian lives!)

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans [21 Dec 2008|03:13pm]

[ mood | excited ]

(Lucian lives!)

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. [15 Dec 2008|07:57pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Incase someone hasn't already posted it, there you are. =)

I'll be at the first showing in my town. I'm not going to lie, it doesn't look as good as the first Underworld, but I could be wrong and either way I'll be seeing it.

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Whee, Lucian [28 Apr 2006|05:45pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Oh, and I also made a Lucian icon with a base ganked from raven_ink.


I have a life, I swear.

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New blood [26 Apr 2006|12:16pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hullo! Just joined today. I come bearing a gift.

(Lucian lives!)

[09 Feb 2006|02:54pm]

[9] icons
[3] Michael
[2] Kraven
[1] Selene
[3] Lucian

Image hosting by Photobucket


Please comment/credit if you take any.

Thank you please.


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Underworld Icons [03 Feb 2006|09:45pm]

[10] icons

Image hosting by Photobucket

into the darkness...


Thank you please xx

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[20 Jan 2006|05:12pm]

I saw say Underworld Evolution...it contains major spoilers for Lucian fans so I'll put it under a cut

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(Lucian lives!)

[11 Jan 2005|06:56pm]

[ mood | horny ]

im new to this community and i love it already .... ok so i went to www.imdb.com and searched michael sheen and it came up with a list of all the movies michael had ever been in and it said for a new movie not yet released and it was called UNDERWORLD:EVOLUTION and he is supposed to play lucian again i dont know if this is true that hes going to play it or not but its just what i read .....

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a THEORY [28 Aug 2004|07:10pm]

hi, i'm new, but i have a theory.

in the new extended version, there is an added scene where the big black lycan drops Amelia's blood, when he finds Lucian's body. Lucian had already injected himself with Michael's blood. i believe that before he went to save Michael from Kravan, he injected himself with Amelia's blood.

(Lucian lives!)

[20 Apr 2004|08:59pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Have some screenshots for y'all. :D

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(Lucian lives!)

[03 Apr 2004|07:16pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I just wanted to introduce myself to this community. :)
I'm GJ! I saw Underworld when it was released on DVD and loved it. Lucian is one of my favourite characters, and the actor depicting him is absolutely gorgeous.
I seem to have a thing for men with long, dark hair and that style of facial hair..*giggle* current sweetie looks like that.


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A Petition for Lucian to come back [02 Feb 2004|12:57pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Well, since this is for those in denial about Lucian, I figured it would be fine for me to post this link to a petition to bring Lucian (Michael Sheen) back in either the sequel, prequel, or both. So far there's 46 signatures, four more would be great, more than that would be excellent.

And don't say that it can't work (some people have) because I do know someone (and yes, I know that they are not lying and pretending to be higher up than they are) that will make sure the petition, once I close it, is seen by those that need to see it.

Here's the link: http://pub.alxnet.com/guestbook?id=2516933

So come on!! Maybe this way we can keep Lucian alive. :)

(Lucian lives!)

Piece of useless information! Cross-posted, too... [13 Jan 2004|07:04pm]

yesssss! i got the Underworld DVD today! it's still in its plastic wrapping...don't wanna ruin it! heh heh...anyway, I'm off to re-watch it!

Have a nice day ya'll.

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fresh blood. [01 Jan 2004|12:24am]

hi...i'm new (duh). thought i'd post something here to let you know that, well i joined. i think it's pretty cool how in Underworld, they posed Lucian as the bad guy at first, but in the end he turned out to be (kind of) the good guy...well neutral i guess? it's so heartbreaking that he had to watch Sonya die. that scene was such a tearjerker...

that's it for now i guess.

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Welcome! [16 Dec 2003|09:14am]

Welcome to lucianlives!

Please take a moment to read the rules on the userinfo page. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. Break the rules and I will be forced to kick you out of the community. I'm really a nice person, so please don't force me to put on my mean!mod hat. Follow the rules and I'm sure we'll all have lots of fun aboard the raft. ^_^

I will periodically post the rules in the community, just as a reminder. Assuming we get some members, that is.

If you have any questions/concerns/ideas/whatever, feel free to talk to me. You can email me at serendipity213 @ hotmail.com or speak to me on AIM at astrik87.

Let's all just focus on the Lucian love and have a good time.

Your maintainer,

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